R.U. Adventurous???

So my name is Alex, this is my blog of funny and intriguing things I've found stumbling across the web

Bright Light, Bright Light
Everyone need their own map in Middle Earth… It’s a long road trip to Mordor
Awesome Halloween decorations
Awesome cosplay from BioShock Infinite and she is smoking gorgeous. I think I found my future wife
50 cent would laugh
Real men wear beards
awesome idea, but I think it would leave marks on your skin while you sleep
This is funny to me…haha “sextanting”

This is funny to me…haha “sextanting”

Sharks and Recreation
Alpha says….”ay ay ayiiiiii”
Reflection in the Christmas tree
awesome movie, awesome car and awesome girl

So I’m bored. Everyone who reblogs this until 1 AM on 12/7/12 Gets a free drawing of what i first think of when i hear their url


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"I was transported to a far away planet, to a world where monsters rule! "

Gosh I loved this show and video games as a kid.

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